Sunday, June 9, 2013

Disney Trip

Our crew drove down to Disney World for a few days of family fun.

We went on many rides and saw many shows.

The little ones earned their Mickey ears.

We ate too much food at some pretty cool restaurants.

Watched the fish.

Went on a safari.

Watched the Lion King show again.  Larissa claims that she will be dancing on that show one day and we can all come and watch her.

We broke out our rain ponchos.

Met Pooh

and Tigger.

Fit around a dinner table at Sanaa (at Animal Kingdom Lodge)

Played cell phone games.

Received some advise.

Colored some children's menus.

Ate lots of desserts.

Met up with Kathy from Cassel Crew

More rain.

Saw some wildlife.

Carried tired Larissa.

Met some Princesses.

Custom designed some more desserts.

Weathered more rain.

And generally spent some good quality time together.


  1. Good header picture! Great meeting you. Can you imagine getting all our kids together there??

  2. I would love to hear any advice you have for large families going to Disney. My family is planning to go in May, I think. We'll have ten: 11month old, five that will be 3-8years old, two young adults, two parents.