Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New (to us) Vehicle

This was my facebook post right before we left for Disney....

For some time we have been struggling with transportation issues. Every time we have received a foster child we have had to take two cars whenever we went anywhere as a family. In June Kassi turns 18 and we have the opportunity to try for one last adoption. Our preference is to take siblings.
Our biggest stumbling block has been transportation. We are not able to take on a car payment at this time.... I have been praying about this. Waiting to see if the door opens or closes for a future adoption. Yesterday, on a Saturday before our big trip, John was paid some back pay that the VA owed him. We went car (pig van) shopping and were able to purchase a van. The price was within $100 of his back pay. We thank God for his timing and provision.
Yes, on a Saturday John was paid some back pay.  We had no idea how much the VA owed him, they don't let you know when and how much they are paying until you get it.  To get enough to buy a big white van was a blessing to us.  We traded in our 2002 eight people seater Sequoia for a 2011 fifteen people seater Ford.  It is big and white and Kassi says it looks like a prison van. 
We drove it to Florida and back with no problems.  Coming home we had room for 10 of us and all our luggage.  Tasha was going to drive some of the family home and then go to Charleston, this prevented her from having to drive the extra miles.
It is big and white so I see some sort of decorating in the future.  I am thinking car magnets or something.  Also, I do need to save for some running boards, Emma struggles to climb into the van!
One stumbling block gone.

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  1. Yay! Hoping my 2001 SUV with 230,00+ miles makes it a couple more years so I can get something smaller. It just went to Miami and back but not sure about the St Louis/Elkhart trip.