Thursday, June 21, 2012

What a Week This has Been

I have been so busy this week that I haven't made time to come on and blog. A lot of things came together this week and a lot of questions have been asked. First we finally finished packing Sarah's stuff for her mission trip. Seems like the list of things were long and the packing space was small. I am not even sure if she got everything or not. Not being able to communicate is hard for me.

I thought that I had purchased her a ticket leaving at 10:20 am. However, when I emailed the arrival information I realized that she left at 10:20 pm. She still arrived within the 24 hour time frame in which she is allowed to so she was still good but she worried that she would be the only one arriving that late. The ticket cost $83 so she had no choice!

Tuesday night we got to drive Sarah to Charlotte to let her go....

The ticket agent asked us if we had paid the minor fee.  Oooops...she is 18.

The house is so quiet without Sarah here.  Ack, I am so not ready for her to leave the nest.

In other child news, Dimples is close to be kicked out of the summer camp program.  Yes, the usual things; they say go left and she goes right, hitting, spitting, shoving and such.  I think that they have too much free play time for her to do well.  She did well in daycare so we had hoped that she would do well at camp.  Apparently not!  Hopefully she will do better in kindergarten.

The issues with Dimples and summer camp made me reevaluate the therapeutic home issue.  I have so many people telling me that we should have her moved.  That she would get so many more services in a therapeutic home.

I have been researching the issue.  True, they receive more money.  They receive more training.  They have less children in the home. They have more services available.  However, because of my schooling I actually have more training then many therapeutic homes.  The less kids, well that isn't happening here.   The more money, that would be nice but I don't see it happening.  Perhaps there are more services.  The problem with that is they need to be available in your area to receive them, we just don't have a lot here and it doesn't matter what type of home you are.

Tuesday afternoon the girls adoption worker and a therapist came to visit.  We spent a long time talking about the girls and the case.  They are going to  see about getting the girls more services.  The therapist was also going to contact the state as well about our case.

Today I had a long talk with the girls SW.  I told her that we have been told that Dimples would do better in a therapeutic home.  She didn't agree.  She said that because the home is therapeutic doesn't mean that she would get more then what she gets in our home.  She says that we do more then some of the therapeutic homes she deals with.  I also talked with the therapist who visited our home.  He thinks that it would be very detrimental to the girls to have them moved and that they need to stay.

Also, thanks to the therapist and I both calling the state, the lawyer was given until Friday to submit their TPR paperwork (that should have been done months ago).  She did!  It was completed at 10 am today.  Now we have to wait on a court date.  Right now they are scheduling for November!  Yes, so this won't be quick.  Definitely won't complete the adoption this year.  It is so frustrating.

I am currently at the end of my summer school classes.  They end on Tuesday and I have a paper, project and final to finish.  Then I will get a short break!

Just for your information, we do have normal times in our home!

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  1. I check the TMI fb page daily and click on both videos and pictures. At least we can see they are okay and actually there!