Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catching Up

Summer classes are finished! My final was yesterday.

My birthday was on Monday and I celebrated by finishing a project and studying for my final.

So...on Sunday my dear husband and teen made me a german chocolate cake.

Then everyone sang me happy birthday so I could eat some of that cake....

and I ate cake while working on another project that was due on Monday.

I needed a break so we took the kids to go see Brave.  We went to our local movie theater.  It is a very old movie theater but the price is right, $3 for kids and $5 for adults.

The concessions are priced lower as well, everyone can get popcorn and drinks (kiddie packs for the kids) for under $20.

Anyone play one of these lately?  Every time we step into that movie theater I feel like I am stepping back in time.

The teen didn't go to the movies with us.  While we were out she decorated my desk area for me.

That was a pleasant surprise!

Monday while in class I received a text that the girls were scheduled for psych eval the next day at 1:30 (It was requested on that day and scheduled for the next, a cancellation caused me to get the fasted appointment I had ever gotten). That was in the middle of my final time but I was able to reschedule to final for earlier in the morning so I could take the girls to their appoitment.  The girls appointment is in another bigger city but in the opposite direction from our home.  We left the doctors office at 6:30.  It was along day but I got some valuable information and directions to go.  I also got a lecture in genetics because this man is a neurobehaviorist.  I always get a lot of information from him every time I visit him.  Ha, yesterday he said that he felt that he knew me personally since I spend so much time there.  

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  1. What great theater prices! jasmine and I went to a matinee at Downtown Disney and it was $17 for two. Then we went two days later at Merritt Island mall and it was about the same. Concessions were really expensive at both. I am a little spoiled by our cheap theater (but it doesn't get the new releases) especially since Jessica works there so I get my bucket filled for free.