Saturday, June 2, 2012


OK, couldn't help myself!

Introducing Dimples.

What do you think?  I trimmed the rest of the bangs to match and she looks like she has a terrible mullet.  Should I give her a short hair cut or wait for the bangs to grow out?


  1. Go short all over and i can send you a bunch of headbands with big fun flowers.... ... If you want to send me your addy. I have been through this with a few of my 7 kids at least it is going into summer and not before christmas pics lol
    She would be cute with a spiky pixie cut:)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh child!!!

      Short haircut with a bit of a stacked bob at the back would suit her.

      She's a cutie.... but she'll never forget this haircut.

  3. This little cutie pie can wear you out. She is in your face defiant, screams bloody murder when she does not get her way, and the truth seems to escape her whenever she talks. However, we have hope that we can positively affect her behaviors. Her RAD is our biggest challenge.