Saturday, June 23, 2012

Teen Mission International

Somewhere in the crowd you will find Sarah.....

This one is easier...this is Sarah's team that is going to Italy....

The last I heard from Sarah herself was when she called from the airport to let me know that she made it....and that there were lots of kids there waiting.  So I guess midnight isn't that bad of an arrival time.

I received a call from her team leader today asking me how Sarah was going to get home.  I told her that we would be picking her up.  Sounds like a road trip to Florida is in our future....August. She said that Sarah was very shy in the beginning but she is starting to open up.  Also, they are all surprised that she is 18.  Yes, she looks a few years younger.  It was nice to hear that she is doing well.  

To be able to see pictures online is great. From the pictures they are doing lots of interesting activities.  I hope that Sarah is doing OK with her dislike of germs!

Please say a prayer for Sarah....and maybe even for her mom who is missing her.

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  1. Wow! That is cool. Photos on the internet would have been nice when I went with TMI, except that the internet was still a pretty new thing back then.