Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Still Here

Taking two master level classes in the summer is crazy.  Four weeks of intense studying.  I am working very hard to control my tendency to procrastinate. Actually, one of the classes started a week late so he is giving assignment just about every night.  Whew, I am keeping up but just barely.

I sent three teens (Sarah, my teen and our nephew Tylor) to camp with the church this week so no teens to help.  Sarah leaves next Tuesday for her mission trip so we are having a garage sale this weekend to raise some funds.  Nothing like last minute preparations.

On Monday all four of the little ones started going to a summer program with the local recreation department.  The program is from 9-3 on Mon-Thurs.  The USDA provides free lunches.  The cost? Nothing!  It is free, I mean actually free.  I called to try and figure out the catch and there isn't one.  They offer it at various schools in the area.  Lucky for me it is at the school right around the corner from me.  A bonus...the kids love it. I may just survive the summer.

I am going to be very busy the rest of the week with school, kids, decluttering, sewing up Sarah's pants for the mission trip, and trying to get stuff out for the garage sale.  Wish someone lived close by to come sit with me during the sale!  I love a garage sale (of course I prefer going to them, less work). 

I am in the process of writing another post so I will post again tomorrow.

Have a great evening!

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  1. Adam is procrastinating on everything. Had to change transportation plans. He's taking the bus there and flying home. First time we haven't driven a child both ways but it's cheaper than the gas for both ways. Not to mention that I'm making three trips to Orlando and one to IN/MI already so don't need another long round trip. But he hasn't started packing and hasn't gotten boots yet and he leaves Monday night. He's also $600 short plus the boots and spending money. I already donated, paid one way on his transportation, bought his passport etc.