Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Objectives

I have been patching up the closet in preparation for a paint job. I hope to get a lot done on the closet this weekend so I can get some stuff out of my bedroom.
It has required a lot of patching, sanding and cleaning up.

I also need to work on Sarah's room. Tasha helped me paint some, where there wasn't furniture...we were in a lazy mood. I need to move furniture and shelving and paint the rest.

This is the color she picked. The picture color is actually pretty accurate.

I am also stripping a bed I bought for her on Craigslist. It is a very old iron bed, weights a ton. I hope that it is salvageable because her I ordered her a full size mattress and it should come in next week.
Last night I was up until 1:30 am, I took and online quiz and finished my paper for my classroom observation. I need to tackle two other papers. One of them is in APA format and has to be at least 10 pages. This semester will be over on December 6th when I have two of my finals. Too fast!
I hear the kids barking like dogs and toys being thrown everywhere.....I dread looking into the play area. Ahhh, the baby is fussing so I'm off. Lets see what I can actually get done!

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