Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are you Ready?

I stepped out and it was raining. I thought it was not a good sign. However, there aisles of WalMart were nearly empty except for......

A lot of black pallets. Is that where they get the term "Black Friday" from? I have no intentions of being anywhere near a store on Friday. Seems like they have new deals up until Christmas anyways.

I have some of my Christmas shopping done. Some kids are turning out to be more difficult then others. Seems like it is just not as much fun once they get out of toys..... and more expensive too!

I really don't like how Christmas has become so commercialized. Seems like every Christmas I do less and less decorating. Seems like it just becomes a chore.

One year we had a foster child who couldn't be trusted around the tree so we didn't put any ornaments on it. Larissa brought home an ornament she made in class. It was a cone with an ornament glued on to look like an ice cream cone. I put it on the tree and when we got up the next morning the ornament was hanging on the tree without the cone part.....M had eaten it!

Sigh, I guess I need to get a new Christmas spirit this year.

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