Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today the kids played in their playhouse for quite a while. They have asked for a broom to keep the place clean. Anthony asked about a TV....uhh, nope.
I still need to make a window and door. We put the play kitchen out there. I could have built a cool looking one but I am afraid that the kids will outgrow the kitchen soon and I wanted to keep the space versatile. I finally bought some chalk tonight for that chalkboard..
I did put in a bench with an area for storage below it. I need to add some curtains and cushions or pillows.

I have too many projects going right now and need to stop all of them to finish up my school work and study for finals. I am getting behind in my reading.
The house is showing the neglect. Anyone own a sectional? I will never buy another one. We can't seem to keep ours in one piece. It is always coming apart and stuff falls between the sections. John says it would stay together if the kids would stop jumping on and over it. I guess that is true but I am still tempted to screw the sections together.
Our repair crew came by today and finished most of the repairs for the washing machine move. I now have drywall in my new closet and a working washer and dryer upstairs. I need to do some shelving and hanging rods in the closet and determine how I am going to integrate my craft and laundry rooms. Right now I can't afford to do too much. We have 5 birthdays this month and then Christmas. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I don't have a turkey yet, I always procrastinate on that. That thing takes up a lot of fridge space.
Well, I am off to pick up some clutter (there is no way to get it all) and sit down and study. It is only 9pm and it feels so much later to me. I don't like this daylight savings time changes.
Have a great evening.


  1. I LOVE THE PLAYHOUSE! How AWESOME! I'm totally inspired!
    I do own a sectional. It was a hand me down - a VERY nice hand me down- and we've been grateful to have it. But I agree. I will never EVER buy one. They pull apart. The cushions go every where all the time. I cannot seem to stop the STUFF from building up inbetween the pieces of sofa... grrrr