Thursday, November 4, 2010


It wasn't long ago you feared the water
When I placed you in the water that first night you screamed in terror
You didn't get very clean that night
It wasn't long ago you cried when I held you up in the air
You didn't trust me to hold onto you
You wanted held close
I held you close
I comforted you
I loved you
Now you love to play in the water
You laugh and play
You are squeaky clean
Now you love to be held in the air
To look down on me
You trust me
Soon you will go home
Nothing has changed in your home
The system is broke
Will you still trust
Will you still love the water and being held in the air
Will you remember my love


  1. This made me cry. the picture says a thousand words. I can only pray that they will be ok!


  3. Definately no TPR. Chances are high that they will go home on their court date a week before Christmas. The case plan has been so watered down that I don't see how they can not go. The thing is, nothing has changed in their home.

  4. I am a waiting to adopt from foster care. (in BC Canada) Your Poem makes me sad and happy. I can only pray that my future children who arein or could be in care right now waiting for a cco to make them available to adopt, are being loved by someone like you. Thankyou!

  5. As foster parents, we take in neglected kids and provide them with a stabilized home, love, and security as long as we have them. What saddens us is that not all foster kids return to good homes. We fear our two will not.