Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Making Room for a Tree

You would think that with a 3800 sq ft home we would have lots of room for a Christmas tree. Well, that is not the case. We bought as thin of a tree as possible a few years ago and we still have no room. Part of the problem is little ones and their busy hands.
I was able to clear a small corner in the old family room. The chair that used to sit there is now half way into the doorway.

Anthony and Larissa brought in the tree. (Jason actually brought it down from the garage)

So, my bare tree is standing. I think that this is the earliest it has been up in a long time.

Now we need to find time to decorate it.


  1. your family is beautiful!!! thank you for sharing your blog with me. : ) Guess what I just finished??? those autism observations. LOL now for the papar.... I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


  2. Good luck on the paper. I had hoped to turn mine in on Monday but I don't think that will happen.