Monday, November 15, 2010

Carolina Renaissance Festival

Yesterday we headed to North Carolina to go to the Renaissance Festival just a little north of Charlotte. We have been there a few times and know that if you get there when they first open then you miss a big bulk of the crowd.
I actually preplanned for this activity and had a babysitter for the babies. It was supposed to be cold and they didn't need to be out in the cold with their runny noses.
The weather turned out to be beautiful and the trees were dropping their leaves.

There were a lot of interesting characters there.

Tasha was able to go with us. Her husband is in training for two weeks so she fit some time in between her work days to come for a visit.

Most of us were watching the show. Larissa found all the other characters more interesting.

Larissa actually went up to quite a few of the folks and interacted with them. Of course, she didn't say anything to them.

The kids had a lot of fun.

Larissa got tired of walking, thank goodness for big sisters.

This gentleman was inviting all the kids to come and feel his snots. None of the kids were willing......except for mine of course.

Green, slimy snot.

That tree is a man.

If you look real close you can see his nose, mustache and eyes.

I offered to make John this outfit for next year. He didn't seem to excited by that prospect.

We had a great time. It wasn't too crowded and the weather was great. Next weekend is the last weekend if anyone wants to go.


  1. Looks like fun!

    I took half our crew to Universal/Islands of Adventures. THere were a ton of people with clipboards so probably some kind of survey but they kept approaching the twins and engaging them and I'd say very loudly, "Do you know that man?" and thankfully most of them backed off but festivals and parks can be a bonding nightmare. We didn't let it become that though.

    Not saying anything about Larissa, but I know you're one person who would understand the issue. I think half the guys with clipboards thought I was a little off.

  2. Larissa isn't a concern with attachments (it was a huge concern when she was a baby). However, I hate these types of situations with Kiwi, she goes up to everyone and puts her arms up to be held. Larissa was just willing to engage in the activities in which they tried to engage her in. A few yeas ago she would have hid behind me and would not be willing to engage at all. Funny, her willingness to engage with other adults we encourage, Kiwi's type of engagement we discourage. Attachment can be such a difficult thing.