Monday, December 31, 2018


Any Instagram specialists out there? Larissa has been told to increase her Instagram exposure. She didn’t even have one so we set it up. She wants to do this modeling thing which means she has to actually get her name out there. My Instagram is a lost family and my projects. Her Instagram is her life and photos she is creating. If you’d like to see her photos follow her at melvillelarissa.

There are some days that I panic about all this, getting her name out there. But she is loving it. I am monitoring all her social media and she is fine with that now but I wonder about the future. She may not go anywhere with this stuff but a few runways but who knows. We are supposed to go to Dallas in June and California in July. We were asked to meet with someone in New York over spring break but since there is an agent interested in California we have been told not to sign with an agent in New York. There are also opportunities on a smaller scale in Atlanta and lately I have been thinking about that, it is so much closer. After all, I still have a family to care for at home! Do I hold back? Go all out? I just don’t know. Sarah is home and says she will help, actually wants to help.

I just don’t know!

Either way, follow Larissa if you’d like to support her and see her pictures!

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