Monday, March 12, 2018

Week of Appointments and Birthdays

This last week was a crazy week. Every day I had an appointment, some days appointments and visitations. Right now I only have two kids doing visits, Little Miss and Little Man. Actually Little Miss only does sibling visits for the most part as her mom moved out of state. We even has a GAL visit this Saturday. Hmmm, now that I think about it I haven't heard from Little Man's GAL at all.

Next week I have to take Little Miss into town to do blood work. They said that they don't do the skin test for allergies until they are 4. He acknowledged that it is more accurate though. However, he said that there is more than one blood test for allergies and the three day turn around one that she had is not the most accurate. I am not looking forward to taking her in for more blood work.

Itty's status is still up in the air and I suspect it will be for a while. Apparently dad is out of jail and into treatment and has called and requested a 6 month extension.  DSS is going to recommend that at court this week. I normally go to court hearings but I didn't receive one in the mail this time. Hmmm.

Little Miss went to the bone doctor and will have her cast removed in two weeks. She was given the go ahead to walk around on the cast. Her cast has been an actual positive. Although my shoulder is killing me (I think the cast weight more than her) it has forced me to carry her around. She has been loving that and it is helping with the attachment.

All these appointments are starting to run together. I thoughts that I had an appointment for tomorrow but I can't find one, I do have one for Tuesday. I have to look at them week by week. I used to just remember all of them, now I can't, they have to be written down or they will be forgotten!

We have also had a big week of birthdays. Benjamin is now 4 and Little Miss is now 3. Their birthdays are less than a week apart.

On Benjamin's actual birthday we had a family party at the house with cake and a few presents.

Then we went to dinner.

The weekend between both of their birthdays we had a party for friends at the local trampoline park.

I do have pictures of Little Miss but can't share them!

For Little Miss we also had a small party at the house where we went to dinner... 

Opened our gifts and had cake.

Sarah had spring break this last week and we had planned on going to the zoo. However, the weather turned cold so we got out of the house and went to the mall. The zoo would have been cheaper!

We took all of the kids, two double strollers, and we were exhausted by the time we got home.

Doctors are happy with her progress.

and yes, I am still painting rocks.

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