Monday, March 12, 2018

Big Year!

2018 shall be a big year, our family is multiplying. Three of our daughters are expecting babies!

Joselin is due in July. We went to an ultrasound last week so I do know the sex of her baby, however she does not. We are having a small party Saturday to do a gender reveal. It seemed real important to her. Any suggestions for a gender reveal? She doesn't want a cake. It is Saturday and I haven't planned anything yet!

Kassi is due in August. Hope to find out this week what she is having. We are very proud of her, she has gotten a nice job at an apartment complex. She applied and didn't really know the job. They had her prepare a powerpoint presentation on how she would increase leases and she did a great job. She landed the job based on that presentation.

Tasha is expecting a baby in October. They wanted to have a second child after she graduated from college in August. Pretty good timing! She is doing great in her respiratory program and is excelling at it. I think that she picked a good career for herself.


  1. Wow! So many congratulations! Just got caught up. Was happy to see posts again.

  2. Congratulations on the babies! Sounds so fun.

    A thought on the gender reveal party, one girl at work is doing a big box of colored helium balloons. The kids can bop them around after the box is opened. Fun and not a cake.

  3. Awesome but hard work. We have 3 more grandkids in one year and it was difficult to give them equal time. What about blue or pink confetti in balloons or a pinata.

  4. An idea I saw on tv. Buy balloons in pink and blue. Poke holes in the wrong gender. Pass out a the party. On the count of three everyone blows up the balloon of their gender choice. The right ones blow up. Easy and fairly inexpensive. Congrats. Isn't grandmother a beautiful word!