Friday, March 23, 2018

The Rest of the Story

After Itty's court I was told that there was a 6 month extension for the parents that was requested by the dad. Yesterday the social worker came and filled me in on the rest of the story.  Dad is in jail for selling meth, while in jail he is going to complete his treatment plan and will be clean because he has been in jail so when he is released all he has to do is get a job and housing and he will get his son back.

Uh, ok. He did nothing on his treatment plan for months but now that he is locked up he is going to complete it. I asked how long he has to stay clean for once he is out of jail and didn't really get an answer. She said that if he goes back to using and someone calls it in then he would go back into care in the other state. Might not happen until he starts school though. Uh, that makes me feel real confident....not.

I need your thoughts folks! Anyone seen this before? I am afraid that my thoughts are not very nice.

Oh, Itty is walking! And turns one next week.


  1. Yes unfortunately has happened twice to us. I am currently trying to get ICPC completed to get custody of 1 of these cases. She was only with mom 3 months before she went back into care in another State. Prayers for your little one this will be a long road for Itty.

    1. Geez, I wonder what the success rate is. When folks get out of prison I imagine it takes a bit for them to get established. I just worry.

  2. Wow. That's awful. :-( I would have zero confidence in permanency being achieved since what choice does he have but to complete his plan while in jail. This makes me really, really sad.