Saturday, September 30, 2017

Little Upcycle Project

I got Vaida a bunch of dress up outfits for her birthday and at the last moment decided that I wanted to hang them on something. I went out to my back shed to see if I had anything that would work. I found this old shelf that had a shelf missing. I am actually surprised that my husband hadn't taken it to the dump.

I cleaned it up and took the top shelf off. I then added some wood to the bottom so that it could support her if she sat or stood on it. Then I spray painted the entire piece.

I painted the shelf that I removed and put it on the other shelf as support for that shelf.

The dress up clothing included some new items and some repurposed dress up outfits that my girls had outgrown.

Wrapped it with a sheet......

She seemed to like it.

On another note, if you send me a facebook request tell me that you are a reader. I have been getting some requests lately that I don't recognize. If I can tell where they come from I have been accepting the request.

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