Friday, September 8, 2017

House Projects

My never ending battle with house projects. I am slowly stripping popcorn ceilings from my house. I say slowly because so far all I have done is a small bathroom upstairs. Stripping it was very easy so I decided to tackle the kitchen. 

I didn't realize that the previous owner of our house had painted the popcorn ceiling. Someone told me that it made it easier. I don't agree. It is harder to get it started and then I have to spray a gain to get to the popcorn under the paint. It does come off in sheets on the top so perhaps there is less mess. It is hard ot tell because it is messy regardless of if it was painted or not.

Right now I am working on the little nook in my little kitchen. I actually put in a ceiling fan in that area. My kitchen get so hot when we cook. A ceiling fan may not be popular in the kitchen but I really don't care. My utility bills are over $700/month in the summer so anything that will keep it cooler is good for me. I didn't take a picture, it was the smallest white fan that Lowe's carries. I imagine at some point it will show up in a picture.

Anthony looked at the bare ceiling and looked at me and said, "I know you aren't painting the ceiling white!" Haha, he is right. I am not sure yet what I want but it will come to me. There is still a lot of ceiling to strip.

I bought this little organizer online and am attempting to get some order into my life. We have a dedicated coffee area to make life just a little easier. Many Sunday mornings we are scrambling to find coffee cups and the lids to go with them. It is small but it is a start.

My kitchen is small for our family size. All my pots are such are huge. What organizational tips do you have for the kitchen? I am working my way around the kitchen trying to purge and organize. It is a challenge to get anything done with all the kids in the house!

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