Thursday, September 7, 2017


My baby started 3k. This is the first time I seemed out a program for one of my children for 3k. Either they needed early interventions and went through the school system or they stayed home. I have never been in a big hurry to send them off. However, Benjamin has been asking to go. He is going to a program at a highly recommended local church, I put him on the list last year.

His first day was great.

I convinced him to paint his toes instead of his fingers. He loved nail polish, any other little boys out there request painted nails? Honestly I think it bothers my husband at a certain level he lets him have it. My husband has had painted nails when the girls have done them in his sleep!


  1. Yep! My boys like rainbow toenails :-)

  2. So cute! My oldest nephew always wanted his fingernails painted. Paint is fun! To appease his father I would paint just one "magic" finger. Usually his dominant pointer. He loved it and eventually grew out of it.