Saturday, September 30, 2017


Last year we decided that it was time for Anthony to go to a regular math class. He was receiving services for both math and ELA. If  he stays in that program he will not be able to graduate with a diploma. So our plan was to have him go to regular math this year and ELA next year. He has been working hard with his math. Some nights he will study it for hours. I have relearned some math that I had forgotten!

Last week I received an email from his teacher saying that he had scored high enough on his testing that they wanted to go ahead and put him in regular ELA this year. Great! We will meet on October 9th to change his IEP. I know that changing in the middle of the semester will be stressful for him but I think it will be in his best interest overall. He will be ready for high school next year (hard to believe that I will have high schoolers once again!)

We are very proud of the hard work that he has done to get here. 

When I think of where he was when he came into our home at the age of 2 1/2 I am amazed at where he is today. Hope, why we do what we do.


  1. Such good news! I hope he is equally proud of his progress! (Although I know it's hard to match "mama-proud.")

  2. What an amazing victory for him!!! He has come so far. Is your heart just bursting?