Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Crazy Busy, Closing Down

Yesterday I actually bought some light bulbs and replaced some that got burned out. Our house was slowly growing dark. Kassi walked in after work and asked me why the house was so bright! This simple task needed to be done for months. That is how crazy life gets around here at times.

Still, we want to do foster care again. I know, we must be crazy. We are stuck on our licensing because the fire inspector hasn't come. A fire inspection was requested in October! This isn't just us, it is the entire county.

Lately I have been looking at the house and thinking that a lot of small things have been sliding. Mostly small stuff but it is starting to catch up with me!

My shop has been super busy. We are booked on Saturdays so parties have been bleeding over to other days. I have a home school group that I work with, some private lessons, private commissions and several murals that I need to get to. Is it possible to say that I have gotten too busy?

Crazy as it seems I have decided to close my shop. The home school group has gotten hard to manage as I have Noah here (Kassi has moved out), Benjamin and Vaida two days a week. Tasha is overwhelmed at school and no longer helps with parties and won't be able to do art camps this summer. Sarah will be gone this summer. People I have tried to train realize that it is too much for them. I have come to the conclusion that I need to pick between grandchildren/foster care and my business. Well, grand children/foster care wins out. I am planning on closing the end of February. The customers that I have told are not happy with me. Home schoolers wanted to know if they could come to my house!

I don't make this decision lightly. I have enjoyed the shop. I had hoped that someone else would step up and do something similar. There is such a need for activities for kids in our area. I have a lot to do to close the business down. A lot of painting parties in February!

It does seem strange to close a business down for reasons other than financial. Guess there are many reasons to close. I do plan on continuing my painting and will find other areas to explore it. I will miss working with all the kids.


  1. I was waiting for this post after I saw your update on Facebook. What a hard decision! I am so glad you got to do this business, and so glad that it thrived for you. It is nice to know that you can always have it in your back pocket for the future, should those doors open for you.

  2. Sad to hear that you are closing down! :( It seems like a really fun place.