Friday, January 13, 2017

Grand Turk

We spent a day at sea and then landed at Grand Turk while we slept. I struggled, not because of motion sickness but because the boat was rocking so much I wanted to sleep!

Grand Turk had some beautiful waters and some historical buildings.

We  paid a taxi to take us to "town". There wasn't much of a town but we shopped and looked around a bit before heading back.

Grand Turk was a good stop for simply going to the beach. You walked off the ship and there it was.

My brother Scott and his wife Patty.

Edited to add....the cost of the taxi was $5 per person each way. There was a little historical stuff to see and many opportunities to shop but really not too much to see, it is a small island with lots of beaches.

On each stop of our cruise we were told by locals that their crime rate was low. Some countries it was obvious that this was not true. However, there were actually buildings without bars here and it felt safe. A quick search on the internet showed that there is actually very little crime against people who come to Turk on a cruise.


  1. Werent you worried the kiddos would climb over balconey. 😊😊

    1. I told the older kids before we got on the ship that I wasn't jumping in after them and the only reason they would fall was because they were playing around. They saw the drop and we never had a problem. The little ones were never allowed out there alone.

  2. Haha. Love that you told them you wouldnt jump in after them.
    Awesome that they listened to you.