Sunday, January 15, 2017

Puerto Rico

Guess who quickly learned how to unlock the balcony doors......

Land was in sight. We did not have and shore excursions planned so we were on the look out for what we wanted to see. The plan was Anthony was going with our friends and their 12 year old son. John and I would go ahore and look around while Tasha and Ethan watched the kids. Then John would come ashore while I took the girls shopping and John babysat the little ones.

We see something that interests us that looks like it is in walking distance...

We decided to walk along the walls, there was a sign that stated that 1 mile away
 there was more to see.

This was that point we saw when we first saw land on our side of the ship.

A door handle I loved.

John and I walked back and then I took the girls out to shop and do a little sight seeing. They wanted their picture with the birds.

Michelle realized she had a crowd so she put on a show....

After they walked away......

We loved Puerto Rico. Is it the one stop that I wouldn't mind going back to and vacationing there. There was a lot to see and we only saw a little bit of it.

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  1. My cousin is a missionary in Puerto Rico and has invited us to visit. They were living aboard their boat, but recently moved into a house after many years afloat. Now if the plane fare would just drop into my lap!