Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Purge of 2017

I feel as though I have been trying to declutter for years. I don't ever get very far with it. I was trying to declutter the house and realized that I couldn't even get to the stairs to the upstairs storage area in the other garage. Literally, you couldn't walk through it. I decided that it was time for the purge.

I got Jason to come to town and a friend with a truck. I purged that garage. Many truck loads went to the dump.

We went from so stuffed you couldn't walk through it to being able to park a car on one side and the movers on the other. Now we are working on the other garage and house. I am serious about this purge.

I am trying to get more organized for several reasons. One a local news agency called and said that they wanted to come by Monday at 4 to do a story on foster care. They wanted the kids there and everything. OK, John took vacation time, Tasha took a personal day, Jason was already here. We got all the kids to come. One hour before they were to come they cancelled for another story and want to come next week. Uh, I don't think so.

While that went bust we are still waiting on the fire inspector. We have been waiting since October, crazy. We also got a call from USAA saying that our insurance company wanted pictures of all rooms of the house. Uhh, never did that before. Still working on getting the house presentable for that.

Since we had everyone here we decided to reshoot an old photo (actually I made everyone do it)....

We have had some growth.

We shared a nice meal together.

The weather here has been crazy. Not sure if it is hot or cold. (John dressed him that day)

Noah is growing so fast. I will have to post some first birthday pictures later.

We have Vaida on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She plays well with Benjamin.

Black history project....

I have been taking Benjamin to the shop so he can paint. He likes to blow dry his art. I am going to miss the place.

Vaida sporting a yellow hat....

Her mom many years ago at the same age sporting a yellow Easter basket.


  1. Do you still have the stroller that I have the top for? Did you just dump everything or did you donate to goodwill? All our stuff gets dumped at Goodwill. We also do a flea market once a month.

    1. Yes, we still have that stroller. We got rid of a jogging stroller that the front wheel didn't rotate. Some things we take to the dump and sit on the ground if still usable. People can take it if they want. We took 4 full loads to the dump and two loads to Goodwill. Working on my closet now. So hard to get rid of good clothing but some of it I haven't worn in years.