Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sea Time

The evening after we left St Thomas was a quiet night. I was in our room with Benjamin and Michelle. Benjamin wanted to take pictures with my water camera and I let him do so. He was enjoying himself with it, Michelle was reading a book she had picked up in the library on the ship.

I went into the bathroom to get something when I heard Michelle ask Benjamin for the camera. He said no, he was taking pictures. So she told him that if he didn't put it down it would explode. I heard his hesitation as I walked out and said it would not. I asked Michelle if she got her way with him through intimidation often. I got the blank look. I believe that she does. I do know that Vaida refuses to have anything to do with Michelle. She won't hug her, play with her and really avoids her. She says that she is mean. It makes me wonder what Michelle says to Benjamin when she is upstairs and he goes up there to play. Something for me to consider.

Every time we cruise we get balconies, it is the only way to go with kids. They are a great place to relax...even after they have fallen asleep. We spent lots of time with the little ones. Vaida wanted to stay in our room and the childcare they spoke of was not worthy of advertising.

I shared a little margarita with Jason.

The girls spent a lot of time at Camp, the little ones not much at all. First the people there obviously had no childcare experience and did not know how to distract the kids or play with them.

Second, there play equipment was less than desirable....I couldn't understand why they didn't remove the broken equipment.

Third, they were hard to find during meal times. We were not able to eat at the restaurant most evenings because the little ones were bored there. One night we hoped to take them to the childcare area and have an adult meal. They had a sign telling us where they went but they weren't there. The next day I asked them where they were and they told me a different area than their sign. Guess it didn't matter anyways, the kids wouldn't have stayed with them. 

We were very disappointed with the childcare. We got back and shared the pictures with them and told them of our disappointment. Their response was "sorry". We will not be using Carnival again. I did ask if they removed the broken equipment and they said they were looking into it.


  1. Royal Caribbean usually has good programs for children.

  2. Disney is great, way to expensive and you would have had to pay $13 an hour for anyone under 3. Royal has come such a long way but it's good to hear the girls went to the camp it definitely would make me consider carnival for a future cruise with elementary school kids if b they liked it