Thursday, January 26, 2017

Last Port

It sure is taking me a long time to finish my vacation. We got back and life got busy real fast. I must say that my moms cut that I was worried about has healed up really well. I feel like I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!

Our last port was the Dominican Republic.

For this port John and I went and rented a taxi and brought Anthony and Jason along. Larissa and Sarah went with Angela and family on an excursion.

As soon as you drive out of the port you see a dump. Sadly on the dump you see lots of people going through all the trash looking for treasures. Makes you appreciate all that you have and even feel guilty on all of our expensive pleasures.

We went into town and rolled some cigars. My husband loves his cigars so he was enjoying himself.

We were heading back to relieve Tasha and Ethan and got into an accident! The taxi service was very nice and we had a replacement pretty quickly. We felt bad for the driver, I imagine he lost his job. We did notice that stopping to look at accidents is a universal issue!

  The girls had a good time with Angela.

The next day was a day at sea. We did lots of eating, playing, relaxing and eating.

Typically when we went to the buffets we would plant ourselves at some tables and send people out in groups to get their food. I planted myself with Benjamin and Vaida and asked Michelle and Larissa to pick them up some food.....

they both came back with food.

I did find Michelle's plate interesting. She said she couldn't find anything else. This was the attitude we had from her the entire time. Charlotte complained that Michelle started yelling at her and screaming in her hallway when they couldn't find the area the children's group went to. We couldn't allow Michelle to go with her after that.

We got into Fort Lauderdale right after the airport shooting so my brother didn't know if his flight would be delayed. Disembarkation was long and slow and uneventful, the ride home was long and slow as well and we came home to very cold weather and a snow storm that didn't produce much snow.

Now on to life......

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  1. I hope this isn't too creepy, but I read all of your posts! We have two foster kids who we are in the process of adopting right now. It's so nice to read about other families who have similar struggles and triumphs as we do. Not many people understand. You're a great mom and your kids seem awesome.