Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Santa Visit 2016

Santa has been sighted

Larissa gave her request, a baby doll and stroller.

I am not quite sure what this conversation was!

Michelle said she didn't know what she wanted but would take some books.

Attempt number one with Vaida

Benjamin was game.

Blurry picture but a deep discussion about the blue car he wanted.

Second attempt for Vaida


Emma asked for a dog. Uh, she got a battery operated one.

Third attempt, Santa suggested that Tasha sit on his lap. Santa really wanted her to like him.

Finally he stood up and talked to her from afar.

Noah had no problem sitting on Santa's lap.

The younger boys

The only picture Anthony wanted to get in was the group shot. I told him that was fine, he is getting a bit old for Santa's lap anyways.

Sarah joined the crowd

We really like this Santa. We visited with him last year as well. He doesn't have a photographer. You just tip him and take whatever pictures you'd like. There isn't a crowd so you can take your time (The mall is dying). He tries to help with taking the best pictures and is very patient.

Anyone have good or bad Santa experiences?

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