Tuesday, December 13, 2016


We are super busy these days. Michelle had a band concert, she plays the oboe. The 6th grade band is huge. Michelle is in there somewhere.

I found her when she stood up, she is in the middle. 

I love to spend time with the kids whenever possible. Sometimes it requires Mexican food at our favorite restaurant.

Benjamin is at his "I help" stage so I let him help.

I have been doing a lot of painting. We have painting offerings every night this week.

Not all of my paintings are for painting parties. Sometimes I paint for sale because they really aren't for beginners. This little fellow has already sold.

Birthday parties are very popular here. A group of 5 year olds made hand Santa's.

Tuesday mornings we have been having a homeschooling class. Benjamin loves to go up to the shop in the morning. My moms caregiver picks him up when he is ready to go home.

Benjamin developed a rash on his cheek so I decided that it was time to go get his physical for foster care. They said it was a virus (which is what I think they always say when they don't know). I actually think it is contact dermatitis. He hasn't been to the doctors since his 2 year shots! So thankful for oils and lavender for keeping ear infections away.

Vaida comes on Wednesday and keeps us on our toes! She ran to me screaming over this hairpiece.

As a true southern gal she will cross great spaces for a spot of tea. 

She might even claim it as her own!

Larissa signed up to do the parades this year. It has been a challenge with our schedule. 
They do 6 different parades.

It has been cold here but we all enjoy a good parade.

More parties......

More later..... we are off to meet up with Tasha and Vaida.

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  1. That nativity snow globe...BEAUTIFUL! And you need to post the photos of Larissa singing.