Thursday, December 8, 2016

Food Issues Revisited

Once again we revisit the food issues. After months of my husband complaining that someone was going into his office and taking his stash of nuts and chocolate I finally figured out who it was. The signs were coming back, slow eating of dinner and very small portions. Finally I caught her throwing her dinner away when she thought I wasn't looking. So I went searching and found it, nuts under the bed.

It is so frustrating. Truly, I am not a bad cook. Every other child of mine eats my cooking just fine. One child would rather eat all bread and sweets. It is getting old. I don't care to have to monitor this again. At this point I am going to secure my pantry and carry on. My husband needs to secure his stash. I have stopped putting my moms treats in her room.

Anyone else with food issues? At training they talk about food hoarding because some kids need to be sure that food will be available at all times. I can understand that issue. This is not the same. She is very specific on what she wants: bread and sweets. I imagine that there are kids who have never been adopted with this same issue. I know that there are picky eaters out there, Joselin came from Guatemala with a very limited diet. We accommodated her normal foods while slowly adding new foods. There are still some things that she will not eat but it isn't really bad, just don't try to sneak an onion in on her, she can sniff it out.

So, for those who are dealing with food issues, what types of food issues are you dealing with?


  1. Our food issues are cyclical...they come and go. When we are fighting a food battle phase, it is sugar binge and sweets stealing. We lock the pantry, strictly control sweets, and make sure the rest of her nutrition is balanced to curb hunger. It is an extremely tiring and frustrating battle.

  2. we lock up the goodies in the medicine cabinet. solved the stealing and mowing through like a woodchipper type issues :)