Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Seat belts

Yesterday I had a dear friend was moved to hospice care. She had been in the hospital for nearly a month struggling to survive a car accident. She had endured more than 12 surgeries. Many of the surgeries were on her intestines, trying to piece them back together. Her doctors said that she was basically cut in half by her car seat belt without actually being physically cut in half. She survived her liver damage and having her large intestines removed, however the damage to her small intestines could not be repaired. There was just too much damage. She had put the top part of her seat belt behind her and the bottom part was riding up, not on her hips. She had probably done that many times. I am sure that she didn't realize that on that day she would get into a car accident. She didn't realize the damage that she would do to herself by trying to make herself more comfortable. So please, when you buckle up, make sure your belt is on your hips and leave the top part in the front. The consequences for not doing so can be catastrophic.

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  1. 🤕 Steve sees that in the ER often. Recently it was a young teen boy. Wearing your seat belt correctly is as important as putting it on!