Thursday, September 1, 2016

IEP Suggestions

I know that some of my readers have experience in the area of IEP's. Next week we are supposed to meet to do Larissa's IEP. I assume that we are still meeting as Larissa claims that they have not pulled her for any testing yet. Tomorrow is a half day because of the weather and Monday is a holiday.

Regardless, I am trying to figure out exactly what Larissa needs within the school setting. She missed school today, she had a seizure when I woke her and was "off" all morning. Apparently her teacher told her that she could lay her head on her desk if she gets tired. She has been doing that in the afternoon. Larissa reports that she sits and talks to her teacher about half of her recess time. She knows that if she gets too hot she os prone to headaches and she wants to avoid getting one. With her school work I see her terrible spelling and sentence formation but good ideas and comprehension. Math she is performing a few years behind but is progressing at her rate.

I asked her teacher how Larissa was doing and got this response,

She's such a sweet thing!  
Larissa has been working hard, getting along with everyone, and she gets concerned when other girls don't treat each other nicely.  She has such a good heart!

If she feels tired, especially in the afternoons, I let her lay her head down for a bit.

I am sure that I will talk with her more in depth at the IEP meeting. 

I am heading into this meeting without any idea of what I need to ask for. Combination of health issues and LD make it difficult. Funny, I have a masters in special education in severe disabilities, I can do IEP's for other children but with my own I am stumped. 

One concern is that she will rack up too many unexcused absences since I do not take her to the doctor every time she is off from her seizures. I feel that the one this morning was because dance has started back up and she has more physical demands on her now.

Any suggestions out there? Anyone else with a child with LD and health issues? How do you manage it?


  1. Jasmine is "otherwise disabled"! It was the only way to get her help. Kaleb is ESE.

  2. I don't have any advice for getting the proper coverage she needs in her IEP, but I do have a few suggestions that might help her feel a little better I hope.

    "The Spoon Theory" is great for explaining how a lack of energy isn't just "being tired" and also can help create a sense of camaraderie among people with different diagnoses.

    I don't know if she's having any trouble getting rest while she's sleeping, but these eyemasks work wonders. They cave out around the eyes so that your R.E.M. isn't restricted, and block out almost all the ambient light in a room.

    Lastly if she (or anyone you know) has any problems with motion sickness SeaBands are miracles. Wearing these seem to ensure that I have a little more energy when I get where I'm going since my body isn't fighting nausea the entire trip.

    I hope you're able to find something that makes her feel better and a way to get what she needs from the school. Good luck.