Monday, September 5, 2016

Good Days Do Exist

I know that I write about most of the challenges that go on around here and it might seem that we don't have good days. There is typically a lot of conflict between the kids but some days they manage to pull it together and have a good time.

As the tropical storm pulled out it left behind a feel of fall so the kids are getting in their pool time.

They found a way to share two floats, a kid train.

After church they spent most of the afternoon in the pool playing together. I ignored the minor battles and they worked them out. No one came to me screaming and crying. 

It was a good day!

They are growing up so fast.

Benjamin 2 1/2

 Anthony turned 13 in August

Larissa turning 11 this month

Emma turning 10 this month

Michelle turned 11 in July

My brother is in for a visit so this sat on my computer last night as we talked until 2 am. More on that visit tonight.

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