Monday, April 13, 2015

Plans to Homeschool

I have mentioned that I plan on homeschooling Larissa next year.  Traditional school and her seizures are just not working for her.  We are hobbling along for the rest of the school year.  She has missed 26 days of school this year, many of those related to her seizures.

Another child we have been dealing with is Emma.  I really felt that she needed to be retained this year.  We feel that emotionally and academically she is really not ready for the third grade.  We had a meeting with her school and they told us that she is actually testing fine and would be bored in the third grade.  This didn't match with the struggles I see with homework and her weekly grades but it is hard to fight with the numbers from their testing.

Over spring break we received her latest testing in the mail.  She tested below grade level in every subject.  My husband asked me why we weren't having her retained.  As I sat there thinking about our options the thought came to me that she needed to be homeschooled next year.  Her behavior at school has been good, she has acclimated to that environment well.  However, she is still emotionally and in my opinion academically struggling.

She has come a long way with attachment. However, I feel as though I need to work on my attachment with her more.  I love her, I am attached to her but those early years of tantrumming and fighting attachment on her part have taken their toll on me.  She still tends to have tantrums at times. They are much shorter in duration but take a toll nonetheless. We discuss these tantrums after she is calmed down but so far they continue. I hope that as we both take the time to work on attachment that perhaps some of her old coping behaviors will dissipate.

I think that by homeschooling I can better understand Emma and her emotional and academic needs. Next year shall be very interesting indeed.


  1. Do you think Anthony and Michelle will feel left out? Or will they think going to school is the better of the choices? Just think, if you home school them all, visiting the different countries in Epcot could be a field trip :) :)

    1. Anthony is going to middle school and has no interest. Michelle wants to be homeschooled. However, I can not do it. She is so disruptive at home that I wouldn't be able to help educate anyone let alone work on attachment. I have my limitations and two kids homeschooling along with Little Man in the mix and my mom will be a lot for me. Michelle will get my one on one attention with homework and school activities/assignments. She also needs to learn how to respect others and how to behave at school and church. She won't learn that at home.

    2. I understand that! I just wondered if she'd tried to use it to say you don't love her but you love the others two. you know the game.

  2. She actually didn't use that excuse. I explained to her why I couldn't and she didn't really push it. I think that she doesn't really want to be home all the time anyways. She fights with her sisters all the time so school and friends is probably better for her!