Sunday, April 5, 2015

Busy Day

I sat the pinata out today with the supplies to finish it. At different points throughout the day all the girls worked on it. Anthony wasn't interested.

Yes, you see Michelle.  Sometimes mom just has to give grace.  I told her that she should work as hard to stay out of trouble as she works to get into trouble.  Today was a good day for her.

The kids helped clean the pool and wanted to swim.  The water is too cold for me!

Once again I had to limit Emma's contact with the dog.  In just a few days I can see the difference in the dogs behavior.

Work in progress.

Finished....and I forgot to buy candy today to put in it!

We saw a different way to dye eggs and decided to try it out.  Shaving cream and food dye.

You get the swirls on the egg but mostly red.  It didn't seem to matter what others colors you used, the eggs all came out predominately red.

Sarah is home for the weekend and asked me to make her a cross with some nails.  I have some horse nails somewhere but can't find them.  I used some regular nails.

She is happy with it so it works.

Tomorrow shall be a busy day.  Church and lots of cooking, spending the afternoon with family and friends.

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  1. Love the pinata. We made nail crosses but didn't bend the top out like yours. Need to try that.