Monday, April 6, 2015

Personal Note

I typically don't write too much about my faith.  I started this blog to update family and to also educate about our experiences with adoption and foster care. For me, my faith does have an impact on our adoption/fostering journey.  I feel called to work with children.  However, I don't feel that you have to be a Christian to feel the need to foster or adopt so I have not stressed that aspect of my life.  However, I'd like to share a recent personal experience.......

For over a month my lower back has been killing me. Lower back pain that shoots across both hips.  At times I felt that I was going to fall.  When walking down the stairs I would hold that hand rail just in case. I was not getting anything done at home because of the pain.  

After a few weeks I went to the doctor.  She gave me some steroids. It helped for two days and then the pain came back with a vengeance. I was in pain for a few more weeks and was thinking about calling my doctor again (I really don't like to go to the doctor).  Part of me thought that it would eventually just get better.  Saturday morning the pain was so bad that I decided that on Monday I would call the doctor.

Saturday night when I was praying it came to me to pray for relief from my back pain. I am not in a habit of praying for myself but this back pain has been impacting me with my work at home. I was desperate. 

Well, Sunday morning I woke up with no pain. Today I woke up with no pain. As in NO pain.  I was surprised when I woke up yesterday and didn't have any pain.  That was a first in over a month.  Then today when I woke up with no pain again I was reminded of my prayer.  For me, that is the first time that I knew that my prayer had been answered. 

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