Thursday, October 30, 2014

Renaissance Festival 2014

Once again we attended the Renaissance Festival in North Carolina.The weather was perfect and we had a great time.  This last weekend was their trick or treating weekend so the kids go to dress in Halloween costumes and gather candy from the different shops.

Pretzels were only $2 so we got a few.  We also got some Italian Frozen drink which was delicious.

At this point Emma became upset.  we couldn't figure out why and everyone was asking her what was wrong.  Come to find out that she was upset that she was on the back of this strange contraption....

We chose to ignore the pouting and moved on.  She does look rather pitiful and couldn't pull herself out of it to go into the horror chamber.

However, when the bungee jumping came into view she cheered up and had a great day after that.

The kids love watching the shows and interacting with the different entertainers.

I think I know why John has a bad back!  My objective next year is to get him to dress up.

I got to hold my grandbaby for a bit.

The guy in the back next to Anthony seemed very excited to join our group!

Two pirates..

Anthony is now quite a bit taller than Joselin!

Anyone have a Renaissance Festival near them that they attend?  We used to go to a big one in Texas when we lived there.

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