Sunday, October 19, 2014


We have a lot of changes going on here in our household. 

It looks as though Sarah will actually be moving out next semester.  She applied to Columbia International University again and was accepted.  When she graduated from high school she wanted to do mission work so she took a trip with Teen Missions International.  While on this trip she had problems with a bully.  This led her away from mission work. 

She started attending the local community college while trying to decide what she wanted to do.  She applied for another college and was accepted but she changed her mind at the last minute because she wasn't sure of her course of study.  She has come full circle to her original plans.  I think that she will actually move to the dorms next semester and I already miss her.

Please say a prayer for Sarah.  She is suddenly worried that she won't be able to do her hearts desire because of her NF1.  Her anxiety has been over the top lately.  Anyone know of a good natural way to help with anxiety?

Sarah decided that she didn't want to take up an entire bedroom since she won't be home full-time.  After a lot of discussions and considering behavior issues the decision was made for Larissa and Sarah to share a bedroom. Larissa and Sarah have shared a room before and do very well together.  She was the only sister that Sarah considered since Larissa actually respects Sarah's stuff.

Michelle and Emma are now going to share a bedroom.  Emma has been doing so well that we decided to move her back upstairs.  There are no pictures because the entire upstairs looks like a hurricane hit!  On the second night in their bedroom Emma and Michelle tore down their curtains.  I warned them that if they tore down the blinds then they won't have any window covering since I won't replace them.  So far they have left them alone.  They are so destructive that it gets frustrating at times.  For the most part I have learned to let it go.  It simply means that they have less because of their destructive tendencies.  Michelle is currently waiting for me to fix her bed.  The frame didn't hold up to their jumping.  I will get to it sometime.

I will post pictures when the rooms look like bedrooms, not storage facilities.


  1. For anxiety I would suggest essential oils. If you want something natural. I'm new to using them so don't know exactly which combinations work best for high anxiety but as of now lavendar is working well for me.

  2. I'd throw the bed frame out and put the mattress on the floor :)

  3. Definitely essential oils. Lavender is fantastic. Wild orange is also good for anxiety. There are also blends. Both Citrus Bliss and Balance from doTERRA are amazing for anxiety. I use them blended together for my boys.