Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Man

Little Man is a busy baby.  I do believe that this is the first time that I had to write a note that papers were eaten by a baby.  He is seriously teething.

His mom continues to miss visits.  I find it confusing that on the last missed visit she posted a picture of Little Man on facebook instead of visiting with him. I wish that I knew what her objective is.  Does she plan on fighting for him at the last minute?  Why has she missed all visits since July?  Does she realize that her baby is growing up so fast?  Does she realize how much we have fallen in love with her child and how he has fallen in love with us?

We always encourage reunification.  We try to work with the parents and even maintain relationships with several of our former foster children and parents.  However, in this case, honestly I hope that reunification does not happen.  The fact that mom has missed so many visits is alarming to me.  I know that for one visit she was in jail and couldn't come, but from what I have seen there is no excuse for the rest.

DSS has decided to go to court and change the case from reunification to concurrent reunification/TPR. This is the first step towards terminating parental rights.  His case goes to court in November.  Mom will be notified, I wonder if she will start to visit at that point. At thsi point she can still step up and gain custody of her son.  She has some work to do and would need to start visiting with regularity. She has the power to make this case go either way.  It is up to her at this point.  Please pray that the right decisions are made for Little Man.


  1. Hi! A friend (Timber) led me to your blog, and we seem to have a lot in common including the cases of our littlest ones! We have a baby whose mom hasn't visited since July but says she very much still wants to parent him. We have our hearing in December. We have adopted 5 from foster care and 1 privately and plan to be done after our baby's case is complete. Here's my blog address if you ever have time:

  2. What is it with bio moms and July? Our little guys mom hadn't called or anything since July. Of course she did call this week out of the blue. I absolutely feel your pain and totally understand where you are coming from for sure.