Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Disclaimer, all prop and pose choices were made by each child

This year the kids wanted to do a little bit of Trick or Treating in our neighborhood and then go to a movie.  When I looked at the movie times I realized that it just wouldn't work out that way.  however, there was a 2:25 showing so Sarah and I picked the kids up a little before 2 and took them to the movies.  It was a pleasant surprise for them since we don't typically do that.  We were home in plenty of time for Trick or Treating.

Emma had to change her outfit.  She was wearing one of Larissa's recitals outfits from last year and got alone with the dog.  The outfit now has numerous holes in it and Larissa was so upset.  There will be no more borrowing of clothing for Emma!  She picked out something from the dress up box and actually didn't complain about it. (I just don't know what to do about the dog issue.)

The number of kids at our house has really decreased over the years.  I thought that since it was Friday we might have more kids.  We didn't so we now have an abundance of candy at our house to tempt everyone.

Every year we try to determine how old the oldest Trick or Treater was, this year I would have to say the she was at least 65!  She was dressed as a flapper and came to the door with her bag calling out Trick or Treat.  I Wish I had taken a picture!  She did go to the entire neighborhood because I asked my neighbors who there oldest visitor was.  I had an abundance of candy so she did get a good amount of candy from me.

Do you do Halloween?  Over the years we have done many different things.  Attended Trunk or Treats at church, fall festivals, parties at our house and old fashioned Trick or Treating.


  1. We went trick or treating around our neighborhood. My boys got tired and quit before we made a loop around the block. They decided they really wanted to hand out candy instead. Your kids all look adorable! I hope they had fun :)

  2. We have done all of those things also. This year 6 of 7 were sick so we chose to watch movies and have popcorn and my husband and I ran out to buy everyone's favorite candy for us all to share. I thought they would be sad about not dressing up, but it wasn't even mentioned! Made for a nice, quiet evening and we didn't have to be out in the cold and rain!