Monday, October 27, 2014

Taking Back

At one point when our house guests were here they stayed in the frog.  Actually we had them all over the place.  Since they left the room has been trashed.  Saturday I decided to reclaim it. Our laundry area is in that room so we did minimal organization of laundry while someone was living in that room.

After 5 hours of sorting......

After dark......

We decided to put the wii in that room.  The kids have changed how they play and have outgrown many of their toys.  The wii is one of their favorite activities.  If you were wondering, each kid has their very own chair, no fighting over chairs.

I still need to find the curtains (they rmoved them for some reason) and paint the walls but for now it is finished.

It was after 10 pm that I got to sit down and finish a Batman costume and make some small adjustments to a pirate costume. 


  1. Great job on the room! I LOVE the Batman costume. It is so cute :)

  2. Love the room! It looks great! And the costume is adorable!!! We are making costumes at our house! We rarely ever buy one!