Sunday, May 18, 2014

Unfinished Projects

I decided to tackle two projects today...the garage

And a section of the floor in the kitchen.

When doing the flooring a very long time ago I was stopped by the vinyl tile under the cabinets.  It was impossible to cut it with a knife, I tried.  I got the idea to use the Dremel tool.  It did the job but was very slow going.

Lots of cleaning and scraping with George for company.

The corner cabinet is taller and further back than the other cabinets so I had to build it up to match.
I also had an 8 inch gap between the cabinets where I put tall, skinny items.  I built a shelf in that area.

I was able to get the flooring finished and the cabinets to match but am waiting for the wood filler to dry.  To finish this project it needs to be sanded, painted and the some areas stained.

The garage has gotten terrible.  Kim pulled out all of the shelving (without asking) and her boys destroyed things.  They jammed the wii so I had banned my kids from the room.  I purchased a new to us wii and waited until the boys left before I put it out.

I bought some shelving and brought out an old cabinet for storage.  The girls brought out all their dolls and I had them pick three dolls each (after taking out the American Girl dolls).  Interesting to me was that Larissa picked white dolls and Michelle picked black dolls.  The rest went into a bag for donation.

Their books got organized and they can use their table again.

The wii/playing area is organized.

However, I was not able to get to my space.  I have lots of work to do there since I need to get back to painting.

Emily, what do you think of these two items.  The one on the left is a very old wooden dresser and the one on the right opens on the top for a desk area.

Let me know if either one will work.  If not I will keep in the look out for something different.  (Still waiting on the fabric samples).

Improvement but still work to do.

We attempted to get a good picture of George next to the cart he used to ride in.  He didn't cooperate.  This picture shows the gate which I didn't get to finish because it rained of and on all day.


  1. I am very impressed with all you did this weekend! I feel like I have a million projects, but can only do so much. I was looking at your flooring though, and was wondering what it is? Is it cork? How easy/hard is it to clean. I like the idea of it :) Thanks!

    1. It is a vinyl, commercial grade! 20 year, comes in squares that are pretty easy to cut and install (glued down). If we ever want to change flooring, we will probably just put it over the vinyl. Supposed to look like cork and some people see that, others think it is subflooring. Either way I love it. It is easy to clean and does a great job hiding dirt because of the pattern. It is also super tough and has shown no wear and tear since we put it in. I can't even remember but it has been over a year. That is how long it has taken we to do that little corner.

  2. I love the dresser on the left!!! It's just right. I sent out the fabric samples the same day you asked me to. I'll send another batch today. =) I'm so excited to see what you come up with!!!

    1. I wonder why I never received them. I will facebook you my address to make sure I sent the right one!

  3. Lady, you inspire me!! There's no way I can keep up with you, but I am trying :-)
    Most of my 75 tomato plants were planted in the garden on Sunday with help from my girls. We have most of the weedwacking done on our 2.5 acres of hill with help from james and Brianna. We have discovered the mower's power wheels are not working, so it's HARD pushing and the pasture will have to wait but we did get some smaller patches done. The greenhouse is cleaned out and is getting a good soaking. The tack room (now the potting shed) has been sorted and all the pots stacked by sizes. Now I'm planning a party.