Sunday, May 18, 2014


It is almost 8am and I am the only one awake.  This is highly unusual!  Last night the kids stayed up real late.  Typically the bickering starts and makes me look at the clock to realize that it is bedtime.  I often told the kids that if they just played nicely and didn't do the fighting and tattle telling that they would stay up later. 

Night before last they were playing the wii in the garage and they all came in at one point.  I could hear them in the kitchen arguing and then deciding not to come in and tattle.  I looed at the clock and realized that it was their bedtime but gave them another hour since they worked it out on their own.

Last night they got sneakier, they played the wii in the garage and turned off the garage light.  Yep, I forgot that they were in there and sat and held the baby.  At one point I realized that I hadn't sent the kids to bed.  That was when I realized that they were playing in the garage in the dark.  They had a real late bedtime last night which gives me a little quiet this morning.

Yesterday afternoon I worked a long time on my gate.  It was an extra large single gate but after the kids kept riding it there was a lot of sagging going on. So I have been converting it to a double gate.  Then I wake up this morning to rain so I am not sure what my paint job will look like.  I wanted to finish it today after church but that doesn't look like it will happen so I will change my efforts to the garage.  The kids had stopped playing in there when the boys came and destroyed the wii.  I bought a new/used one so they are back in business.  However, the garage became a tossing ground and is a royal mess.  Now that they are back out there it has to be cleaned and reorganized.

How is your weekend going?

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  1. I used to do that during the summer--if they were outside and I didn't hear them, they could stay up.