Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dance Pictures Part 1

We spent 3 hours at the dance studio doing pictures and practice. By the end Larissa was hungry and ready to go eat!Thursday I do this again with Anthony, Larissa and Michelle then Saturday will be a long day with dress rehearsal during the day and recital at night.


  1. Omg Larissa looks absolutely beautiful in all of those pictures. Hope all goes well for the recital x

  2. She's charming! Her makeup looks really nice, too. Sometimes dance kids look like it was applied with a blowgun, but you did a good job!!

    1. Our dance studio doesn't recommend heavy make-up at this age. They tell us that they have to have red lipstick and light make-up of our choice except for no blue eye shadow.

  3. What a beautiful girl she is!!