Saturday, May 10, 2014


The new seizure medication is not working.  Larissa's seizures have decreased and are now very short in duration but they are not gone.  However, they have had an impact on her mood.  The above picture is a good example of how she feels these days.

I asked her if she was

I asked her if anything was

She falls asleep all day long and seems very depressed.  She is very touchy and irritable.

It is so frustrating.  Her seizures do have an impact on her ability to learn and retain information.  They also impact her daily functioning because of her constants state of tiredness.  However, I will take those issues over the depression.  She is 8, she shouldn't be depressed.


  1. So sad! I hope you're able to tweak things and find a balance soon. Or hopefully she adjusts. Sometimes when I start a new med, it takes a few weeks for my body to adjust. Did the doc say she could take half and slowly increase the dose??

    1. She started with half a dose and increased to a full dose. I am keeping her on it hoping that she adjusts. However, so far it has been getting worse. She has another appointment with the neurologist later this month so I will see what she says.