Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May in Pictures

Not quite done but big progress.

Short term baby placement is now 2 months old (and very spoiled).

Built a holder for pool equipment.

Got my pool cleaner to work (Jason).

Jason baked a cake and took the first piece.

Working on lighting, path to back shop and John put in a garden.

Contemplating this sand pit/future fire pit area.

Working on hooking up the well to lawn irrigation.

The four kids getting along!

John's birthday and his usual german chocolate cake.

Chick Fil A Family nights....wondering who decided that the whipped cream goes outside the lid.

Soon to come recital and end of year school plays.  How is your May coming along?


  1. Love the first piece of cake photo. Won't let my kids see it though or that will become the norm here.

  2. I want to come to your house! I promise to help out, always get along, be very quiet and never take a piece of cake like that! What fun your house must be!!!