Monday, March 25, 2013

Having Fun

We were invited to a birthday party at the gymnastics place where Larissa used to take classes.  All 5 of the little ones were invited....and were the only one who showed up.  At least we make for a good turn out.
The kids had a great time. 
Larissa made it to the top of the rope.

Michelle tried but just doesn't have the upper body strength. 

Larissa really enjoyed gymnastics when she was going.  The other girls wanted to do it as well and I just wasn't able to afford the cost of taking all of them.  Watching the kids yesterday made me realize that I need to put Larissa back in gymnastics next year.  She has the strength and fearlessness for it.  Michelle is definitely my soccer player and we intend to put her in soccer again next year.  I am not sure where Emma's interests will lead at this time, definitely not soccer.
Anyone out there will lots of kids, how do you afford extra activities?  Do all your kids do sports and such?  It can get expensive real quick.


  1. We've found that swim team is an economical option for our family. Right now I have one swimming. She can go up to 5 days per week--an hour and a half each time--and it costs me $75/month. The swim club takes off 25% for the second child, 50% for the third child, and additional kids after that are free. Theoretically, all five of my kids could do swim team for about $150/month! We found a local karate studio that has very low class costs. Our community center offers recreational gymnastics for very low coast as well. We have seen tremendous benefits for all our kids from sports participation. It's worth the investment. Swimming has made a tremendous impact on Whitney. It replaces OT for her sensory processing problems. Our occupational therapist has prescribed swimming for our three other girls, too.

  2. Well, I'm also a single parent. Because the girls receive Medicaid, I'm able to use this to sign up for reduced rate for all programs through the city (camps, sports, swimming lessons). Swimming lessons are free, everything else is 20% of the cost, which makes it affordable! It was 3 years after I got my first 2 until I found that out, and whew did that help!

  3. I have 6 that dance at the same dance studio. We are fortunate enough to get a break on their tuition because my husband and I work the dance recital and all of their other events. They have been great working with us. Our oldest has been there 12 years. Sometimes, if you are willing to help out, people are still willing to give discounts.