Monday, March 4, 2013

Court Day

Foster K had court today.  I thought for sure that he would go with his grandmother.  She has passed the homestudy.  However the judge didn't want to send him with her, he wants the original judge to make that decision.  Seems crazy to me.  Why bother to have court today if the judge isn't willing to make any decisions.  So now we wait until the 21st.  I assume that he will go with his grandmother then.  I have never seen a bio come forward this early in the process, have a positive homestudy and then be denied placement of their family member.  This system really does not do what is in the best interest of the child.

K wasn't upset at all.  I had told him that if he didn't go with grandma today that I would get him a Nintendo DS.  It is hard (and expensive) when every other child in the home has such toys and the new kids doesn't.  I will send it with him.  Perhaps I should have extras on hand in the future that stay here.  This can get costly.  I bought him one on the way home from class tonight.  (Used one from Game Stop).  He heard me come in and asked from bed if I was going to buy him one tomorrow.  I told him I already bought one to which he got very excited and said, "thanks mom!" 

I do have so much to write!  Half way through my student teaching!  I just don't have time right now.  Mondays are class all day and then class in Columbia at night.  Tomorrow is dance for Anthony and Larissa and foster parent meeting.  Expect a blog post on Wednesday.  So much going on around here and pictures to share. 


  1. We had one foster child come with nothing and he stayed almost 2 years. He went home with two large rubbermaid tubs (the largest) full of stuff!! Glad you got the DS used. Next year stock up on black Friday :)

  2. How frustrating!!! Our judge was sick on our adoption day...I don't know what we would have done if our backup judge hadn't been willing to finalize the adoption that day...

    Looking forward to your next post!