Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Today the girls got TPR again. They originally got it in November but it was revoked because the lawyer did not publish.  It took a while for DSS to realize the error because this particular lawyer is very slow in getting her orders prepared for the judge to sign.  The 30 day waiting period does not start until the judge signs it.  So if it takes the lawyer a month to get the order in for a signature then it delays the waiting period by a month.

We are happy today because not only did we get TPR (again) but the lawyer came to court with the order and the judge signed it right there.  So our 30 day waiting period starts from today.  We expect the adoption worker to be here in about 30 days for us to sign and then we will see our lawyer again. 
Our estimate time now is before our Disney adoption trip!  That would be great!

Kid pictures....just because.

Tasha and Sarah went on the Color Run last weekend. Tasha moved to Charleston the first of this month and she came home to run with Sarah.  I miss her!



  1. GOOD!!!!! This post makes me very happy!

  2. Yay!
    What are your Orlando dates?

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Blessings, Jennifer