Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Great news...John will be doing the Veteran's job training program at our local unemployment office.  He will work regular 8 to 5 hours and has to wear a shirt and tie.  This will give him an opportunity to do some training and to get out of the house.  Staying at home is just not for him.  This means that Sarah will have to step up to the plate in regards to the kids.  Thankfully I am home within 30 minutes of them getting out of school and I will be off for spring break when they are off for spring break.

Once again I am doing laundry for our foster kiddo.  He has court tomorrow and may go to his grandma's.  Or he may not.  We have heard both so we prepare just in case because we have learned that you just don't know what will happen at court with foster care.

We heard from the girls adoption worker.  Foster care has already sent them the clearance letter.  They didn't wait the 30 days because they didn't have anywhere to send the paperwork to in regards to the TPR.  Adoptions isn't willing to act on it yet so we will wait the 30 days to sign.  They want to ensure that the unnamed father who hasn't come forward in 7 years can't fight for the girls in the future.  Their named father signed off long ago.  So.......we wait with the knowledge that this will end soon.


  1. It will be nice to finally have answers/closure etc. for all three.

  2. The end is in sight!!! I pray that court goes well for your little guy tomorrow, and that this won't have to keep dragging on.